Opportunities to Serve and Put Faith Into Action

If you are in a place where you would like to "give back" out of the abundant blessings of God, we have many opportunities for you to put your faith into action by serving the people of this church. Read through the following 'job descriptions' to see if any of them align with your personal interests and/or skills. Training is often offered for those who would desire it.

Positions Related to Worship

Soundboard Tech

Our current analog soundboard is at least 25 years old, and is starting to fail. We will be upgrading to a digital soundboard. The board we will be getting could be considered a hybrid of sorts in that it will have the general look of an analog board (eg., each channel has its own volume slider), but will allow us to manage our sound in ways we have never been able to do. Training will be provided for everyone.


Please send an email to if your are interested.

Live-Stream Operator

This is a new position. It involves managing the live stream of the worship service from a computer. The main task will be to run the 2-3 video cameras all which will be permanently mounted in the sanctuary. One of two of them will have the capability to pan/turn and zoom, which will greatly increase the visual presentation being streamed. The secondary task will be to "fire" the occasional graphic which will only be displayed on the live stream. Both of these tasks are accomplished using a computer program/keyboard/mouse. Training will be provided.


Please send an email to if you are interested.

Worship Presentation Operator

This is a new position. This person uses a computer to run the worship "presentation," the content displayed on the monitors in the sanctuary. The program we will use is similar to PowerPoint, but is much more versatile and specifically designed for the worship setting. Of all the new positions, this one requires very little, if any, prior experience. It is a great serving opportunity for youth and adults who are able to tap the spacebar and/or the arrows on a computer keyboard! Truly, the biggest challenge for this position is paying attention!!


Please send an email to if you are interested.

Worship Presentation Creator

This is a new position. This is the position which can be accomplished during the week because it involves creating the worship presentation content, such as song/hymn lyrics, videos, background images, etc., -- everything displayed on the sanctuary monitors. Of these four tech positions, this one is especially suited for persons who have an eye for basic design and user experience guidelines (color, white space, text-above-graphics, etc.). Training will be provided for both use of the software and following basic design guidelines.


Please send an email to if you are interested.


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