Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries

We are accepting applications for a Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries. This is a full-time salaried position which will begin in the spring of 2021. The successful candidate:

  • has a personal faith in Jesus Christ

  • has experience in effectively ministering to children and youth

  • is familiar with current issues facing young people as well as their families

  • is able to lead teams of lay servants and work as part of a team (the staff)

This candidate will endeavor to equip our families, children, and youth to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ within the spirit of our Wesleyan/United Methodist tradition.

To apply, please download and complete an application for employment and return it with your resume and cover letter to Please include in your letter a paragraph or two about your call to ministry with children and youth.

Below is an overview of the job responsibilities. Please feel free to download the complete job description.

Responsibilities OVERVIEW

The MISSION of Port Huron First United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our community and the world.

Necessary Qualities of Employee

  1. Must have an active personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

  2. Must possess a passion for working with and ministering to children and youth, undergirded by a commitment to helping them mature into disciples of Jesus Christ.

  3. Must be able to effectively communicate with parents/guardians of children and youth.

  4. Must be able to effectively communicate with and relate well to children and youth.

  5. Must work well as part of a team (staff) as well as develop and lead teams of people in the areas of children and youth ministry.

  6. Be able to work as a servant leader under the guidance of the pastor and be committed to the vision and mission of Port Huron First United Methodist Church.

  7. Agrees with and supportive of a general United Methodist ethos.

  8. Organized and able to effectively oversee simultaneous multiple taskis/projects.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Sunday school: pre-K - 12th grade

  2. *Youth: 6th - 12th grades

  3. Where applicable, families of our children and youth

  4. Weekday children/youth discipleship

  5. Confirmation Class

*The job description does not designate what ministry to middle through high school students will entail or look like. We recognize that these details probably require a high level of adaptability and fluidity. What matters most to us is that youth within and outside of our congregation are experiencing and being transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and that they are putting their faith into action somehow.

Primary Goals of the Position

  1. To build up and equip people to be leaders in the areas of children and youth ministries.

  2. To disciple our children (birth through grade 5), youth (grades 6-12), and their families so that they are able to move in the direction of being committed followers of Jesus Christ.

  3. To effectively lead and direct our congregation's ministry to people from birth through high school graduation.

Job Responsibilties Overview

Leadership Development

  • Recruit and lead ministry teams of 3-5 lay servants to help administer the ministry

  • Recruit and train teachers, helpers, childcare workers, and Confirmation Class leaders

  • Meet with teachers for support, feedback, and planning

  • Keep a timely list of people and their giftedness as it relates to children and youth ministry

  • Ensure that the Safe Sanctuaries protocol is followed and training is up-to-date


  • Be a "bridge" between our church and the community/culture outside of the church

  • Develop and foster rrelationships with people outside of this congregation

  • Pray regularly for those under your spiritual care

  • Foster relationship with children and youth, attending their personal events (sports, music, etc.) as is reasonably possible

  • Create strategies to help the children and youth grow in as well as express/live out their faith


  • Oversee Sunday school for pre-K - 12th grade

    • planning, training, implementation, purchasing of materials, etc.

  • Help plan worship when children/andor youth are involved

  • Maintain the Education Resource Office

  • Communications

    • parents/guardians, church newsletter, website, social media, etc.

  • Youth Group (the design and development of a youth group, grades 6-12)

  • Position Management

    • attend and participate in staff meetings, meet with pastor, effective use of time, vacation, continuing education and professional development, etc.


  • Set goals, objectives, and strategies which help fullfill the mission and vision of Port Huron First United Methodist Church

  • Develop and submit annual budgets

  • Promote United Methodist Camps

  • Maintain and develop policies as necessary to this area of ministry

Reporting Relationship:

Reports to the Staff-Parish Rrelations Committee

Experience and Education Requirements:

  • Candidate must have experience that can be documented as effective children/youth ministry in a local church

  • Education in children and/or youth ministry is preferred. Bachelor's degree is not required, but beneficial.

  • Ordained United Methodist Deacons (or probationers) are encouraged to apply.




  • Financial stipend which may be used for health benefits

  • Continuing education

  • Paid vacation as outlined in the Employee Handbook

Initial Term of Employment:

For all new employees, the first six months are a 'probationary' period of time after which the there will be a review of the job performance. At that time, the employer will have the option of maing it a permanant position OR, if necessary, initiating another six-month probationary period, after which there will be another review and decision made regarding the employment relationship.


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